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Recovering from Whiplash

Whiplash isn’t the condition we think of when we think of serious injuries, but it can affect your health and make your recovery difficult after an accident. It’s painful, and if left untreated, it can keep causing pain. That’s why you must focus on recovering from whiplash as soon...


Dog Bite Laws in Florida

Being bitten by a dog is an oftentimes traumatic experience no one should have to go through. When you suffer from an injury after a dog attack, you’ll be able to file a civil claim against the dog’s owner so that you can recover the damages you incurred. The...


Dog Bite Claims in Louisiana: Does Location Matter?

Dog owners are often responsible when their dog bites people, knock them over or chase them. This means that the injured person can sue the owner to seek compensation for damages. This includes medical expenses, as well. However, it’s not always fair to hold the owner responsible, especially if...