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Auto Accident Rates in the Big Apple

Driving in the Big Apple is known to be somewhat challenging, and that’s putting it lightly. It seems like everyone must drive aggressively if you hope to travel even a few city blocks on the congested streets of New York City. But does that aggressive driving actually translate to...


More Traffic in Manhattan Means More Tickets

According to some officials, the traffic in Manhattan is being engineered. There is talk that officials have ground Manhattan to a halt intentionally choose to leave their cars at home and opt for mass transit or bicycles. According to many officials, the streets of the city are being engineered...


How Does Comparative Fault Work in WA Car Crashes?

In the state of Washington, determining who is responsible for a car accident can prove to be a challenging process. This is mainly due to the comparative negligence law. The person bringing a lawsuit for damages must first be able to prove that the other person was in fact...