More Traffic in Manhattan Means More Tickets

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According to some officials, the traffic in Manhattan is being engineered. There is talk that officials have ground Manhattan to a halt intentionally choose to leave their cars at home and opt for mass transit or bicycles. According to many officials, the streets of the city are being engineered to slow down traffic, favor pedestrians and bikers and create traffic congestion. To add to the traffic congestion, lanes are being closed down, bike lanes are being introduced, and ultimately there is a reduction in capacity.

However, to make issues worse, there are pedestrian plazas that have done away with entire traffic lanes, many designated bike lanes on popular avenues that ultimately eat up the traffic lane and force trucks to double park, cross streets turns are not allowed on almost all avenues. There are also intersections where drivers have to wait for green arrows to turn on to avenues. Traffic agents are also ordered to focus more on writing tickets and less on directing traffic. Ultimately, the goal of the congestion or jamming traffic is to ultimately persuade more drivers to switch to public transport or bicycles as a mode of transport, as opposed to using their own vehicles.

In addition to this, pedestrian deaths are on the increase especially this year.  There are approximately 45,000 fewer cars and trucks on the roads since 2010 however, pedestrian deaths seem to be rising irrespective of this fact. The spike in traffic congestion ultimately leads to more drivers experiencing road rage. Drivers will also get more traffic tickets for various traffic violations. Irrespective of whether it is the fault of the driver or a part of the plan regarding engineered traffic, traffic tickets are often inconvenient and in most cases require you to appear in a court of law.

Aside from this, these traffic fines ultimately add more points towards your NY point system and will ultimately lead to a suspension if you receive a couple of tickets. Whether or not your license is suspended also depends on the severity of your infractions. However, you should also note that even if you do not reach the required number of points to justify suspension, a judge can still determine you unsafe to drive and suspend your license. If you find yourself in any of these situations, you may require a Manhattan traffic ticket attorney to assist you.


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